Monday, June 20, 2011

To the MAX......

Hello Friends!
First off i want to apologize for my absence this past week. My Camera broke and i had to take into the shop to get fixed, so i haven't been able to take photos. But thankfully, i have it back in full working order again. So updates will be flowing in....
I Hope you all had a wonderful weekend celebrating your Fathers! Our day was busy and full of celebrating. First, celebrating with my Dad and Bumpa (grandpa), then dinner and drinks with my wonderful Father-in-law, what a day. Hope to hear how you all celebrated with your father's. Leave a comment and share how you spent your weekend!!!!

Here's what i wore this past Father's Day:

*What i wore-

Linen Maxi dress- Private Gallery
Python Sandals- Sam Edelman
Necklace- Forever 21
Bracelets- Forever21 and Target
Ring- Ann Taylor


  1. Wow. You make that look alot better than the maxi's we wore in the 70's!

  2. Glad your camera is back! You're gorgeous! I love that dress. And you.

    We spent Father's Day doing guy stuff (read: lots of gun talk)...which is pretty much what we do most days.;). And I got some stitches and Outback instead of having to cook. Gotta love happy endings.


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